The BodyMind Bridge System of

Deep Self-Healing        


This Breakthrough Work is

Body-Centered, Spirit-Centered and Egalitarian!


A BodyMind Bridge practitioner guides clients into their deeper creative mind where they do their own inner work!  When in a BMB session, the client is in charge of their inner world, and is able to transform and release  physical, emotional, and/or behavorial symptoms.  


This is not old-school hypnosis, in fact this is not hypnosis at all.  Instead, BodyMind Bridge is a synthesis of all levels of mind, resulting in a higher level of consciousness that allows the client to make their own internal changes that shift physical and emotional symptoms.


 Our next training will begin online.               July 6, 2020


What BMB Graduates are saying:

"As I was taking this course, I had the realization that, finally, I have found the therapeutic process that I knew must exist!"               

 -Ed Wright MA, Counseling Psychology, LMT, CH


"The BodyMind Bridge Training provided a supportive environment for my own personal and professional growth.  I came away with valuable skills that will benefit my clients in my private practice."  -Rebecca B. Licensed Psychologist


"What a great addition to my coaching work!  I am using these BodyMind Bridge methods in mywork with clients that I coach in the corporate world, and with great success!"  

-Stacey Griffin PhD Executive Coach


"This work gave me what I needed to help my patients after the very first class! The history, theory and science behind BodyMind Bridge work was put so perfectly that I have used this already to educate others. Time spent with Shuna was generous and rich with healing strategies and insight. And most of all, the Egalitarian Presence renewed my hope that the human spirit can indeed learn to heal itself. Shuna is an intensely present instructor. She was able to weave this incredible material into a healing experience for each individual and for the group. This work is amazing and highly effective. Thank you Shuna!"  - Dona Elam MPAC, CAQ, Psychiatry 


"This course has taught me skills that utilize my curiosity and intuition in order to better serve my clients who are working through their healing process. I have grown both as a person and a practitioner because of this program.  It has reawakened the curious and creative child in me that I have felt disconnected from for some time.  I am very excited to bring these new bodymind skills to clients who are hurting on more than a physical level!"

  -Caroline Pettepiece LMT, Pres. Puget Sound Wellness Association


"BodyMind Bridge is an empowering model for self-driven personal transformation.  This is the transformative healing modality I have been searching for!"  

 -Sarah Richardson LMT CH


"I feel the BodyMind Bridge process provides a structure that helps me integrate many of the healing modalities I already use.  I have already witnessed big shifts in the clients that I have shared this work with."

                            -Dale Golden MSW, Energy Healer


If you are a mental health therapist, a nurse, a massage therapist, social worker, physician, hypnotherapist,  or other health care professional, this training will fundamentally change the way you assist your client to heal and evolve.




You will learn to guide them to the very source of their symptom, whether that symptom is felt physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Once the deeper source of the symptom is contacted,

you will be able to support them in releasing it.

BodyMind Bridge is a self-healing system that uses your skilled guidance to help your client to unite awareness of their physical body with the power of their deeper alpha/theta mind. This opens access to the innate wisdom held in the tissues of the body, and accelerates healing.


The profound information one receives from deeper mind during a BodyMind Bridge session often leads to relief of chronic pain for which no physical source can be found, and to the release of old habits and behaviors that no longer serve us.


                                  In 6 Days, You Will Have:

  • Certification as a BodyMind Bridge Practitioner.
  • 46 Continuing Education Credits for Licensed Massage Therapists
  • Training that prepares you to register with the Washington DOH as a Registered Hypnotherapist


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Private Sessions:

A BodyMind Bridge session provides a supportive environment for releasing your chronic pain or life-diminishing behaviors. To learn more, click here.



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                                        Shuna Morelli, M.S. LMP CHi

                                         Founder and Lead Instructor












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BodyMind Bridge perceives both the conscious mind and the creative deeper mind as valuable and necessary for symptom relief and deep healing to occur.

In fact, the conscious mind plays a crucial role in the experience of healing the self.


A BodyMind Bridge session shows your client how to access and release their own

deep source conflict.

They do their own inner work!  

The BodyMind Bridge Practitioner guides and witnesses the self-healing.

"Generative work is a creative art in which conscious and unconscious minds are woven into a higher consciousness capable of creativity and transformation."

-Stephen Gilligan

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