The BodyMind Bridge Certification Course now meets on Monday mornings! 



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Begins Monday September 13, 2021




At the End of 8 Monday Mornings,

You Will Have:

  • Certification as a BodyMind Bridge Practitioner.
  • 38 Continuing Education Credits for Licensed Massage Therapists
  • Training that prepares you to register with the Washington DOH as a Registered Hypnotherapist



  Class Format

Meet for 3.5 hours each Monday morning, and in 8 Mondays qualify to become

a Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner.



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This Breakthrough Work is

Body-Centered, Spirit-Centered and Deeply Healing


BodyMind Bridge is a self-healing system that uses your skilled guidance to help your client to unite awareness of their physical body with the power of their deeper creative mind. This opens access to the intelligence held in the tissues of the body, and accelerates healing.


The profound information one receives from deeper creative mind during a BodyMind Bridge session often leads to relief of chronic pain for which no physical source can be found, and to the release of old habits and behaviors that no longer serve us.



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Private Sessions:

A BodyMind Bridge session provides a supportive environment for releasing your chronic pain or life-diminishing behaviors.                       To learn more, click here.



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                                                                             Shuna Morelli, M.S. LMT CHi

                                                                             Founder and Lead Instructor



As kids we did the most amazing thing. When it wasn't safe to express our fear, we survived by holding that fear inside us.

This is a brilliant survival stragedy that gets us through tough times so we could reach adulthood - the hope being that our adult self would return and release that original fear/trauma.


A BodyMind Bridge session gives you the opportunity to do just that!


You are gently led into your deeper mind where  the enduring energyy of that child still lives and still causes you anxiety or depression! You can then assist the younger self to release that fear, and invite them to come into present time, safe and sound with you!

An Introduction to the main elements of the BodyMind Bridge Self-Healing methodology.  Available as paperback or ebook on Amazon. 

Link to this book:


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