The BodyMind Bridge System of Healing

Bodymind Bridge Institute Founder, Shuna Morelli, is a professionally trained teacher, author, licensed massage therapist, a registered hypnotherapist with the Washington Department of Health, and  hypnotherapy instructor certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists..


Shuna has developed the BodyMind Bridge System of Healing in response to the need for a more complete understanding of the vital interplay of mind and emotion with physical healing.  


My interest in the mind and consciousness led me to work with indigenous shamans in the Peruvian Amazon in c. 2001.  My experiences with these incredible healers opened a new realm of healing possibilities for me, and I returned home determined to find a way to use some of these ancient healing systems with my clients.


As I searched for further training in the field of human consciousness here in the U.S., I found the profession of hypnotherapy.  


The relaxed and focused mind (i.e. a mind in alpha awareness) receives images from the intelligence in the cellular structure of the body.  These images can be visual, auditory, tactile etc. and they always contain information for the client that is instrumental in their healing.


Years of research, practice, and paying close attention to results and feedback has led me to create BodyMind Bridge™. the repeatable, always amazing system of healing that puts the client in charge.  


Hundreds of “hard to heal” clients who come for a BodyMind Bridge™ session learn a larger perspective about their emotional challenges, chronic pain or harmful habits and conditioned behaviors.  This larger perspective gets them out of their tightly held identity as “the ill one” and loosens the emotional holding in the body’s tissues.  Often, chronic pain that has been remains undiagnosed, is greatly relieved or gone shortly after the session. This is their inner work.  I do not do the healing that happens. I am a guide.


I believe BodyMind Bridge work can influence the course of the health care system from one of “let me fix you,” to “together, lets acknowledge the emotional/psychological root to your symptom, recognize its gift, and then let the intelligence of the body make you well again.”  

I invite you to join me in this adventure!

-All Good Medicine,



Talk with or text the lead instructor, Shuna Morelli at  253-355-4065   



As kids we did the most amazing thing. When it wasn't safe to express our fear, we survived by holding that fear inside us.

This is a brilliant survival stragedy that gets us through tough times so we could reach adulthood - the hope being that our adult self would return and release that original fear/trauma.


A BodyMind Bridge session gives you the opportunity to do just that!


You are gently led into your deeper mind where  the enduring energyy of that child still lives and still causes you anxiety or depression! You can then assist the younger self to release that fear, and invite them to come into present time, safe and sound with you!

An Introduction to the main elements of the BodyMind Bridge Self-Healing methodology.  Available as paperback or ebook on Amazon. 

Link to this book:


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