Advanced BodyMind Bridge Training:

Supervision and Skill-Building Sessions.            Monthly Video Conference Call via ZOOM



This once-a-month Advanced Training will provide new topics and skills and connect you with other graduates of the BodyMind Bridge System of Healing.


The Details:

In this 75-minute video get together, you will learn a different advanced topic each month that will add to your understanding and skill base of your BodyMind Bridge work. 


We will meet on a video conference call that connects you with the community of BodyMind Bridge healers.  I provide supervision and guidance, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and receive suggestions from myself and from all practitioners on the call. Your questions regard specific BodyMind Bridge sessions you have given, received, or any topic regarding your BodyMind Bridge practice.



-to expand your BodyMind Bridge skills and increase confidence

-to connect with the community of BMB practitioners

-to receive support and feedback regarding your BodyMind Bridge work



When1st Monday of each month from 7:15 - 8:30 pm (75 minutes)

             We will begin Feb 3, 2020


Where:  Wherever you are, via video conference call (Zoom) on your device of shoice.


Heres the Structure of Your Monthly Call:

15 min for participant check in

20 min for a skill-building training from Shuna

40 min for open dialogue and personal supervision


Advanced Training Fee:  $25 each month, with a minimum 3-month investment.


Package options:         $75 for 3 months of training

                                    $140 for 6 months (save $10)




Scroll Down to find the Package option that is right for you!

3 Months of Advanced Training   $75

3 Months of Advanced Training $75 - Per Person

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Email Address:  


6 Months of Advanced Training  $140

6 Months of Advanced Training $140 - Per Person

Street or PO Box:  




Email Address:  













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BodyMind Bridge perceives both the conscious mind and the creative deeper mind as valuable and necessary for symptom relief and deep healing to occur.

In fact, the conscious mind plays a crucial role in the experience of healing the self.


A BodyMind Bridge session shows your client how to access and release their own

deep source conflict.

They do their own inner work!  

The BodyMind Bridge Practitioner guides and witnesses the self-healing.

"Generative work is a creative art in which conscious and unconscious minds are woven into a higher consciousness capable of creativity and transformation."

-Stephen Gilligan

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