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What is Transformation Bridge?


A twice monthly adventure into your deeper mind with Shuna and a community of like-minded people!  Use this class as a re-set and learn to increase your inner calm!


If you want to learn to meditate the easy way - to connect your body with mind - to hear what your symptoms are saying and learn how to follow their advice...This is the right class for you!


In each class you will:

  • Practice how to find the calm within your deeper mind! 
  • Hear the message your symptoms (emotional or physical) are trying to tell you! 
  • Practice how to remedy those symptoms! 

Here's What You Get


1. A live, interactive 45 minute class twice each month.

2. Includes 15 minutes for a teaching about our bodymind connection.

3. Includes 30 minutes for a guided practice session into your deeper mind.

4. I send you the audio file of that practice session for your ongoing skill building!


 The Details


We meet on Zoom the first and third Sunday morning at 10:30 am PST for 45 minutes.   First class is June 7, 2020


Founding Members pay $14.99 each month, and your membership rate will never go up!


Your card is charged automatically, and you can stop your membership anytime. 

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