The BodyMind Bridge System of Healing

Teaching Body-Centered Hypnotherapy to Health Care Professionals!


The BodyMind Bridge Institute is located in beautiful Steilacoom, Washington USA      

We are located 30 minutes north of Olympia, Washington and 1 hour south of Seattle on the beautiful Puget Sound!                                                                                           

Talk with or text the lead instructor, Shuna Morelli at  253-355-4065   












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BodyMind Bridge perceives both the conscious mind and the creative deeper mind as valuable and necessary for symptom relief and deep healing to occur.

In fact, the conscious mind plays a crucial role in the experience of healing the self.


A BodyMind Bridge session shows your client how to access and release their own

deep source conflict.

They do their own inner work!  

The BodyMind Bridge Practitioner guides and witnesses the self-healing.

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