The BodyMind Bridge System of Healing

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Begins October 14, 2017  In Steilacoom, WA


  •    This class meets Saturday and Sunday on alternate weekends.
  •     The specific dates are: Oct 14, 15. Oct 28, 29  Nov 11, 12
  •     Meeting Time:   9:30am -4:30pm


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At the BodyMind Bridge Institute, we teach a body- centered and spirit-centered form of Generative Hypnotherapy as inspired by the work of Milton Erickson and Stephen Gilligan.

BodyMind Bridge perceives both the conscious mind and the creative unconscious mind as valuable and necessary for any forward movement- whether symptom relief or healing- to occur.


A BodyMind Bridge session shows your client how to access and release their own

deep source conflict.

They do their own inner work!  

The BodyMind Bridge Practitioner guides and witnesses the self-healing.

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