Private Sessions with Shuna Morelli MS LMT CH


All BodyMind Bridge™ Sessions

are now on Zoom! 




- Includes a phone consultation prior to your session, the 2 hour session itself, and a personal follow up with you a few days afterwards.   



What will my Session be like?


Your session begins with a thorough “Innerview” during which you will create your intent and your optimum outcome for your session. You will then get cozy in your own chair or bed, and I guide you into your deeper mind where you are always in control and make all your own decisions regarding the changes you want to make in your life.


Based on the intent you spoke during your Innerview, you will discover your own vital information that can:


  • ease or eliminate your undiagnosed chronic pain
  • release anxiety and trauma that has been held in your body
  • shift old behaviors (that once served you) but have now become life-diminishing   


Note:  In this form of inner work, it is not necessary to “relive” any painful moments.  Any old trauma will fade to black and white and become only a vague memory that no longer hooks you emotionally.  This gives you more freedom, more vitality!


           Call or Text to schedule a free phone consult:   253-355-4065     





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