The BodyMind Bridge System of Healing

Licensed Massage Practitioners receive 46 CE 


Prerequesite:  1 BodyMind Bridge Session with Shuna

In 6 Days,You Will Have:

  • Classroom and experiential instruction that prepares you to register as a Hypnotherapist with the Washington Department of Health         
  • Certification as a BodyMind Bridge Practitioner.
  • 46 Continuing Education Credits for Massage Therapists

As healthcare professionals, we all have the ability and the heart to assist one another to heal from whatever old behavioral patterns and chronic pain persists well beyond its usefulness.


Today's hypnotherapy is far different than what you might expect.  We now know that all aspects of the human mind are highly creative and can generate a life of health and happiness.  Even the conscious mind, which was undermined as inept in old-school hypnosis, is seen as an integral player with the creative unconscious.


Hypnotherapy as taught in the BodyMind Bridge training is friendly, respectful, and highly effective!  A trained BodyMind Bridge Practitioner is skilled as a "deep listener" and knows how to follow the lead of the client as they navigate the larger generative creative consciousness together.


If you want to shift gears in your current practice and learn how to work with the body mind connection, consider enrolling in the upcoming BodyMind Bridge Certification Program!



The Details:

Course Begins on January 27, 2018, in Steilacoom, WA

Click HERE to email the instructor, Shuna Morelli, with your questions.


  •  This class meets Saturday and Sunday on alternate weekends.
  •  The specific dates are:   January 27,28    February 10, 11 and   February 24, 25
  •  Meeting Time:  9:30am - 4:00 pm  


                             A hearty lunch is provided each Sunday!


The Location:

311 Champion Street,  Steilacoom, WA     (20 min. north of Olympia)


Tuition:  (Payment Plans are available)


Program Tuition –$1150                                                                                            Instructional Manual and Supplies – $50


$200 non-refundable deposit is due by January 15 , 2018

Click HERE to register


 Payment Options for BMB Certification course:


Option 1:  Credit or Debit Card (An additional 3% processing fee will be added)

Option 2:  Check or Cash (Save the 3% processing fee)

  •     50% due January 28, 2018
  •     Balance due February 25, 2018

If By Check:  Please make it out to BMB


                          Call or text Shuna to make payment arrangements.



At the BodyMind Bridge Institute, we teach a body- centered and spirit-centered form of Generative Hypnotherapy as inspired by the work of Milton Erickson and Stephen Gilligan.

BodyMind Bridge perceives both the conscious mind and the creative unconscious mind as valuable and necessary for any forward movement- whether symptom relief or healing- to occur.


A BodyMind Bridge session shows your client how to access and release their own

deep source conflict.

They do their own inner work!  

The BodyMind Bridge Practitioner guides and witnesses the self-healing.

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